Magento Connect Error: „Access is locked. Please try again in a few minutes.“ (solution)

25. Oktober 2016 at 15:37


First Solution

Check the file var/brute-force.ini in the Magento-Root-Folder. The Content is like this:

brute-force-bad-attempts-count = 0
brute-force-diff-time-to-attempt = 180

Set the content to this and try again. If it not work check the second solution now!

Second Solution

A other reason behind that is that the Magento Connect Manager has not been initiated by a previous install/upgrade. It could be because this store has been installed by transferring files via FTP.

Thus, the only method to upgrade you’ve got is by the CLI.

First, you need to ensure the permissions are right:

chmod 550 ./mage

Then you’ve got to initiate the mage:

./mage mage-setup .

And set your preferred state for the configuration:

./mage config-set preferred_state stable

Now, with a previously setup mage you could have run the following:

./mage list-installed
./mage list-upgrades

And then upgrade like this:

./mage upgrade-all

But in your case this won’t list nor upgrade and you’ll have to force the install of the upgrade by doing the following:

./mage install Mage_All_Latest --force

Once the upgrade is done, don’t forget to reindex:

php shell/indexer.php reindexall

NB: after this upgrade, you’ll be able to see the list of packages in the connect manager.


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If your Magento Admin Backend is down by activated the magento compiler mode

19. Januar 2015 at 14:06

magento ecommerce logo

If your Magento Admin Backend is down by activated the magento compiler mode,
here some reasons and solutions.

A possible reason is an active compilation status, check it about the console/bash/ssh
and if it is active, Disabling Magento compiler when Magento Admin Backend is inaccessible / down.

The Solution to deactivate the compiler mode


    Check current compilation status

$ php -f shell/compiler.php — state
Compiler Status:          Enabled
Compilation State:        Compiled
Collected Files Count:    8764
Compiled Scopes Count:    4

    Disable Magento compilation:

$ php -f shell/compiler.php — disable
Compiler include path disabled

   Clear all compiled files

$ php -f shell/compiler.php — clear
Compilation successfully cleared

    Ensure that compiler is disabled now by checking its status:

$ php -f shell/compiler.php — state
Compiler Status:          Disabled
Compilation State:        Not Compiled
Collected Files Count:    0
Compiled Scopes Count:    0

   Flush Magento cache

Very often installation of new extensions with Compilation Mode enabled breaks your site. You cannot view the front-end and back-end. Nothing works. In this case the only solution is to disable Compilation Mode to get the site back to normal state.

1) Connect to your server using FTP Manager

2) Go inside „includes“ folder

3) Open the file „config.php“ for editing

4) Find the lines:


and comment them out:


5) Save the changes.

Now you can get into your back-end. If you need to enable the Compilation mode again you should use „Run Compilation“ button and NOT just enable it again (as it will break your site again). Running it will compile all new files correctly.

or the other way


delete includes directory or rename it to any other name (_includes.unused for example):

ftp :~> mv ./includes ./includes.unused

Flush Magento cache

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Magento: Invalid transactional email code: xy

28. September 2011 at 18:19

Taucht der Fehler z.b. bei der Registrierung oder finalen Absendung einer Bestellung auf, so ist die Ursache oft dass ein E-Mail-Template gelöscht wurde (id xy, für xy steht meist die template-id welche in der Datenbank angegeben wurde).

Die Lösung ist eifnach: Unter “System->Configuration->Sales Emails” im Admin-Backend einfach das Template wieder anlegen & speichern, welches vermisst wird.

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PHP: SSL certificate problem – certificate verify failed

2. September 2010 at 17:34

Bekommt ihr eine Fehlermeldung ähnlich

SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details:
error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed

so ist die  Ursache ein fehlerhaftes bzw. ungültiges SSL-Zertifikat. Läuft der Script local (z.B. während der Entwicklung) so könnt ihr den SSL-Check mit den folgenden Zeilen deaktivieren:

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MySQL Datenbank Import ERROR 2006 (HY000) – MySQL Server has gone away – Lösung

1. Juli 2010 at 16:56

Wenn ihr beim Import eines MySQL-Datenbank-Dumps folgende Fehlermeldung erhaltet:

ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line XXX: MySQL server has gone away

dann könnt ihr das durch setzen der „max_allowed_packet = 1M“ von 1MB zu „max_allowed_packet = 32M“ lösen.
und zwar unter dem Abschnitt mysqld in der my.ini, also:

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