Magento: kleine nützliche Toolbar

10. September 2010 at 12:27

Hier findet ihr eine kleine nützliche kostenfreie Magento-Toolbar!

Product Description

Advanced developer toolbar with profiling, db queries, block nesting, requests and caching.


  • Requests: involved controller classes, modules, actions and request parameters
  • General Info: website id, website name, store id, store name, storeview id, storeview code, storeview name and configured caching method
  • Blocks: overview of block nesting
  • Config: enable/disable frontend hints, inline translation and cache clearing
  • PHP-Info: output of phpinfo()
  • Profiling: output of Varien_Profiler with function execution time, function count and memory usage
  • Additional Information: version information, page execution time and overall memory usage
  • DB-Profiler: Number of executed queries, average query length, queries per second, longest query length, longest query and detailed query listing including simple syntax highlighting of SQL.
Daniel Briegert

Daniel Briegert


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